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I just got the results of my second round of 'tests'

These seem ok
TIBC - 350 (250-450)
UIBC - 333 (150-375)

These are not

Iron Serum - 17 (35-155) - marked as low
Iron Saturation - 5 (15-55) - marked as alert
Ferritin Serum - 6 (13-150) - marked as low

I just don't know where to go. My GP is ok with me living like this until she retests in 6m.
The only thing that gets me going is the 'energy pill' Nubvigil and she said she could raise that dose. The down side, really Down - is that it wears off in 6-8 hrs so that when I get home from work I literally crash and cannot do anything else.

What would you do? (btw - I am post menopausal so that cannot be the cause)

I would really appreciate some help! - from anybody... I am so depressed and frustrated.

Thank you!

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