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[QUOTE=happyfeet77;4291081]My B-12 gets low as well, for me the docs have declared it an absorption issue. (even though I don't have bowel problems -- no Celiac, no IBS etc). There are other nutrients I don't absorb too. But the B-12 shots are great.

How is your diet? Are you taking any meds? Do you have bowel problems?[/QUOTE]

Thanks for responding. :)

Can I ask what other nutrients you do not absorb either?

I have both B12 Deficiency (number is 243) and Vitamin D Deficiency (<5 Vitamin D!). I was tested for folate (normal), magnesium (normal, but low end), phosphorus (normal), B1 (normal). Vitamin D has normalized with D3 treatment. I still have not started with B12 treatment yet. My cognitive thinking has gone down the tubes. My short term memory is messed up, sometimes I feel like I am in a fog. I can't stand it. I have some numbness and tingling as well. I assume (and hope) this all relates to the B12 deficiency.

As far as bowel problems... I am also IgA Deficient which is an immune system issue that I have had since birth. It's called Selective IgA Deficiency. It basically only causes me to get more colds than the average person and yes, it can cause GI issues such as off and on inflammation in my GI tract but it never stays past a week or two. It leaves. So it's more than an irritable bowel since it can cause active inflammation but less than a Crohn's because it does not cause permanent damage. I also have something called mesenteric adenitis which is enlarged lymph nodes in my mesentry area of my intestines and that is due to my intestines always being in an active state because I do not have IgA at all (I have zero IgA). So the lymph node enlargement is a response to having to battle a little harder to get rid of infections and such due to this. I have reflux issues as well that come and go. My stomach also empties faster and slower at will, another mystery! The doctor at Mayo believes I have food intolerances that cause my stomach to go too fast or too slow depending on what it is bothered by. That creates some nausea and fullness when it happens.

So I do have issues but they are not serious in nature per se. They do not seem to account for why I would have trouble absorbing nutrients... or maybe they do and I just don't know it. lol.

For meds I am taking:

Doxepin 25 mg at night for migraines
Ginger Root for nausea that comes and goes
Vitamin D3 5000 IU (currently)

They tested me for pernicious anemia and celiac and both were negative. I definitely feel better lessening my gluten intake though. I know that much and I know I have a higher chance of getting Celiac due to my IgA Deficiency but every time it is officially checked it turns up negative. I don't know if that would rule out gluten intolerance though.

As for diet... I do better on a low carb/higher protein diet. Sugar, carbs, dairy are issues for me. I feel better when I stay away from excessive amounts of sugar, white flour and dairy. My problem is I am not a big meat eater but I wouldn't say I am a vegetarian either. I eat meat sometimes for protein, not because I like it if that makes sense. But I wouldn't think the lack of protein has caused the B12 issue because I think I get enough even if I am not getting a ton. This is speculation but I also like my eggs and beans enough to assume I am getting protein even if it's not necessarily consistently from red meat.

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