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I've had diagnosed anemia issues since i was 14 i am now 21. In december of 09 my gyno did blood workup and found that i was once again severly anemic my h&h was 7.4. He sent me to my PCM who started me on iron pills after 2 months of taking the iron pills he redid labs and there was no change , he thought that i hadn't even taken my pills but i had. so his solution was and iron infusion about half way through i started having tingling in my fingers and toes and with in minutes i start not being able to breath my chest felt like i was surrounded by needle my O2 drop and my blood pressure dopped to 60/42. they stopped the iron and were talking about sending me to the ER but didn't they put me on oxygen and started me on normal saline and benadryl. after that my PCM sent me to a hematologist. who decided that it was because of the type of iron they gave me. so he put me on a different kind of iron infusion and also premedicated me before hand , and once again i had a reaction this time it was about 2 hrs after the iron infusion and i was at home... started having chest pains and felt like my heart was pumping more forcefully (not faster not slower i hope this makes since) i let my dr know and he just gave me more premeds a steroid and benadryl and then more benadryl after. i have had 4 more infusion since and have had similar reactions every time chest pains , breathing issues , and just feeling out of it but they haven't been as sever at the first reaction... over all my H&H goes up and has stayed normal my Feritin go up for about two weeks or so the drop again my last feritin was 9.5 which is low normal but it was up to 70 a week earlier . Does any of this make any since to anyone? Is an iron allergy a real thing? does anyone have any suggestion i really dont know what to ask anymore?

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