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Hi! I just got blood work done that shows MCV and MCH to be slightly elevated and calcium slightly low, but everything else in the normal ranges. I can't be anemic if my RBC is within normal levels, right? Should I just ignore the MCV/MCH and look for other causes of my symptoms?

I've been borderline anemic in the past but have been remembering to take my iron pretty well the last couple months. Current symptoms: low energy, insomnia, diarrhea, thirst, mood swings, headaches. Some of these have improved a bit lately, but I'm still functioning at a much lower level than I'd like.


WBC 4.2 (4.0 - 10.5)
RBC 4.20 (3.9 - 5.5)
MCV 103 (80 - 98)
MCH 34.3 (27.0 - 34.0)
Iron 98 (35 - 155)
B12 430 (200-1100)
Folate 14.6 (5.4 - ??)

I take a B complex vitamin with B12 and Folic acid, but I ran out the week before the test.

Thanks for any insight you may have!
Yes, an elevated MCV does indicate either a B12 or folic acid deficiency. At 430, that's sorta iffy. I started having terrible B12 deficiency symptoms when my B12 levels hit 360 - that's not that much lower than yours. I felt like death warmed over.

You didn't say what your hemoglobin levels are. That's what my hema goes by, not really as much the RBC. Anyway for me, it doesn't matter what my RBC count is, if my B12 levels are iffy, I have no energy, no motivation, headaches, just awful.

Anyway, I started getting B12 shots, and once my B12 levels hit 800, I started feeling remarkably better. Maybe you can talk your dr. into getting the shots.

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