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Looking for a little guidance, hoping someone here will be able to answer one or two of my questions and also trying to figure out what all of this means. Below are some of my blood test results - I have been seeing a haematologist for anemia but I'm wondering how anemic I am as they suggested IV iron as I haven't really been responding to the ferrous sulphate (x3 a day). I declined the IV and said I would wait until my next appointment in two weeks time and make a decision then. Is this moderate or mild anemia and would it justify iv iron? My hematologist is keen to give me a course of IV iron as she says I'm significantly anemic however I have seen and heard of much lower counts so wondering if I really need it and am I really as anemic as she is suggesting?

HG -9.2
Haematocrit 32.3%
Red blood cell count 3.5
Red Blood cell distribution width - 20.3%
MCH 25.8 pg
MCHC - 31.8g
MCV 79.5fL
Ferritin - 6
WBC Count total 3.5
Neutrophils - 1.8
Lymphocyte 0.8
Liver function test - ALT/SGPT 47iu/L (High)

All these readings have been consistently the same over the last 2 years despite oral iron therapy and increased dietary intake of both heme and non-heme iron. I don't have any sort of gastro bleeding or heavy periods (quite the opposite actually). The only slight difference is that my wbc count has slightly improved - up until 2 months ago it was in the 2.9 region with neutrophils - 1.2 and lymphocytes 0.4.

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