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Jalopper: My iron issues were discovered by accident, and I tried pills for about a year before being sent to a hematologist. My ferritin was a 3 and my hemoglobin was in the 8's. We started infusions at that point.

Rocstar: What has your doc said about the big lump?? I would be really concerned about that! If you numbers are decreasing despite the pills and you are eating right it really sounds like infusions are in your future... you shouldn't have to put up with the symptoms you are having.

Keep in mind, that you will find many people on the internet talking about their bad side effects from infusions...because people with bad side effects are generally more vocal than people with no side effects. I've had no bad side effects from my infusions but of course some people do. You have to weigh the benefits vs possible risks for yourself.

And you do not have to do it all in one dose. I am getting 100mg once a week for a few weeks right now instead of a "total dose."

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