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Hi Dear Freinds
I am finally back on the site BUT have some new issues regarding iron infusion side effects & [B]non absorbtion.[/B]
I still go weelky for these treatments as I can only take 1/5 the dose at a visit & get very ill with side effects for 3-4 days after & had to be hosptalized a few times at first-when given the larger dose thus the change.
I have been doing this for almost 32 months now.

The Doctor ar Dana Farber fianally gave me a 4 week break this summer & then one small dose again & another 3 week break~~thank heavens! At this last lab test my Ferritin dropped 50 points in those 4 weeks.

Twice before, when I was given a 6 week break, I got completely depleted & so ill....never again! Now he brings the Ferretin level up above 100 so it will not happen-he wanted 200 BUT it did [U]not [/U]get there!.

My body will not absorb the iron-WHY??? He has no answers~~ I just want to LIVE now.
I have had a bone marrow test done almost 3 years cancer-thank God .
I know there are others out there, as when I was able to go on line, you shared with me & it gave me help & hope.
How are you doing~any hope in site?

I am still weak & no energy~mostly housebound & not working only from a computer at home.

My groceries are delivered, cleaning girl to help each week only when I am fully "good" day but not able to handle the stores shopping & walking etc. I make a meal when I am up to it...simple things.

Thank heavens for the computer & ordering anything I need & drive thru at bank etc.

Have any of you gone this long on infusions? Do you get any better?
I am wondering if I should get another opinion but I like & trust this great doctor.

Any help you share will be most appreciated.

Thanks, Seamist

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