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Iíve had my B12 checked and it was really high (1,500). However, my Vitamin D was super low but is back to normal now. Vitamin D deficiency includes symptoms with muscle and bone pain/aches. Not sure if it has to do with the spasms and numbness youíre describing though. Just a thought that you may want to have that checked too.

Sorry to hear about your muscle numbness and spasms. I know it can be super scary. My ferritin had gotten up to 14 but I had another blood draw 2 days ago. I called yesterday to get my results over the phone, like I have a number of times, and this time she wouldnít release my ferritin level over the phone. I had went in because I started having symptoms again, headaches, fatigue, heart palpitations, and major body aches. The worst aching is in my legs but I am having them throughout my whole body now; arms, neck, shoulders. Anyhow, she said the rest of my labs wonít be back for 2 weeks and wanted me to schedule back in to go over everything in exactly 2 weeks. Iím guessing the ferritin has gone back down. To top it off, I started my period yesterday and itís pretty heavy. I know your ferritin can plummet when you have your period. So Iím left here thinking how low am I and how much lower is it going to go over the next week? Just super frustrating and at this point I would seriously consider doing infusions.


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