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[QUOTE=Clare1975;4302709]Hi, I have been feeling tired with aching muscles/cramps/twitches. I had my blood tested recently and results came back with blood count just over 11 and ferritin level at 4. The dr said I was mildly anemic. My hair has lost its condition being very dry and I have a sore mouth with sore corners. I have been on ferrous fumerate for 2 weeks with no improvement yet. Just wondering what other folk are going through. :wave:[/QUOTE]

I would check your B12.

I have had these symptoms for years... I didnt think much of it. I knew I had low B12 but not I took supplements whenever I remembered to. until I kept getting sores at the side of my mouth... then I got a sore throat that would NOT go away. I went to my doc who said i had an ULCER on my tonsil! Ouch! She checked my b12... well I was deficient... Now I get shots monthly. At first it was weekly. I haven't had any mouth sores since.
My level at that time was 83. My doc said that deficiency starts at 107, and 133 and over is considered normal.

All was fine, except i was still fatigued. Ive been losing hair for YEARS so I didn't think that was abnormal. She checked my Ferratin and it was 8. I've been taking Ferrous Gluconate since April. My doc recommened to take it on an EMPTY stomach 3x a day. I tried, though it's difficult... I must eat with it because it feels like it's going to burn a hole in my stomach.. and now.. months later my level is at 17.

It might take forever to have a normal iron level, at this rate. however my CBC was normal last time we checked it (probably back in feb/march), aside from the very low ferratin level. Weird?

I think I should mention that I am not vegan/vegetarian. I eat red meat, chicken, fish, fortified cereals. I'm 26 and a healthy weight, not overweight. I try to exercise but as you know, being iron (and previously b12) deficient makes you kind of tired so I haven't been running as much as I used to. I was tested for celiac too, and the test was negative.
[QUOTE=japlopper;4309757]It's been said before here on these boards, but it bears repeating. It takes 3 months to produce new good healthy red blood cells. So if you start taking iron pills, it will take 3 months to start feeling better.

I have hemolytic anemia which causes my B12 to go low. When I was dxed, I was having muscle spasms so bad that I thought I had a bad disease. It was awful - major twitches. My B12 level was 386. Most drs would consider 386 normal and dismiss the B12. Hema put me on B12 shots and the twitches went away in a couple of weeks. Many people get terrible side effects with B12 levels below 500.

My advice would be to get copies of your CBC results, don't just be satisfied with "Oh, your levels are fine." They may be fine by the numbers they use, but not fine for you.[/QUOTE]

wow.. mine was reading at 80... my symptoms were only ulcers in the mouth and fatigue. my level is now at around 300 i think and i am feeling much better... though still tired with iron level of 8.

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