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Iím no expert by any means but it doesnít strike me as unusual that your iron numbers are low, especially if you had extremely heavy bleeding last year. Your levels probably dropped low during that time. If you continued to have a period after your endometrial ablation, even a light one or short one, your numbers most likely steadily dropped (assuming you still have your period). If you donít still have your period then I would guess your numbers have been low since after the surgery.

You mentioned you eat a lot of fruits and vegetables, i.e., spinach; Iíve read (not sure how true it is) that spinach doesnít have any more iron than any other kind of green leaf lettuce. I know that iron fortified cereals have iron but itís non-heme, which is harder for your body to absorb and if you ate it with milk then most likely the calcium cancelled out any tiny bit of iron your body wouldíve absorbed. If youíve been anemic (or slowly getting there), then all those things probably just werenít enough for your body.

I was told to eat meat (heme iron) daily and I know this sounds a little gross but they said ďthe bloodier the betterĒ. Along with taking iron supplements 3 xís a day. I also eat clams (extremely high in heme iron) and 1 Tbsp of blackstrap molasses 2 xís a day.

Sorry to hear you donít feel any better after your infusion, thatís disappointing to say the least. It looks like, from what Iíve read on this sight, a lot of people need more than one infusion. I hope your numbers have come up when you do your follow up blood work. Even a little would be a good sign but you may still need another infusion. Or if your numbers come up just enough then maybe you could do iron supplements from here on out???

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