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If you've been diagnosed with anemia it's not at all unusual for your iron numbers to be low. Your hemoglobin/hematocrit show mild anemia and like payton123 mentioned, that's not unusual for women who are still having a monthly period, even if it is light. Your ferriten number is low which indicates that your iron stores are low so that's probably why your body would have a hard time getting your hemoglobin back to normal range (usually 12-15), so you're actually not that far out of normal. I'm surprised that the hematologist gave you an IV iron infusion - normally they start people out on oral iron supplements considering you are only mildly anemic. However, the IV iron should help raise your ferriten level along with your hemoglobin, giving you some extra iron stores to help compensate for monthly periods, etc. It does take time for the iron to work and for your body use it to make more red blood cells, so I wouldn't worry about not feeling any physical difference immediately after the infusion.

I've had several IV iron infusions, although my hemoglobin at that time was around 8 or so, and it does take time for them to work. I just recently had surgery and my hemoglobin got down to 6.6 and by taking oral iron and eating more red meat my numbers are definitely improving. My hemoglobin is normally around 10.5, even with taking oral iron supplements, which is likely due to my period each month. It's not unusual for females to be mildly anemic due to their periods.

Hopefully the infusion helps and you're feeling better soon!

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