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I was DX with Iron Deficiency Anemia. My Hemoglobin was borderline low, but my ferritin level was 8. I never felt tired or run down. My CBC was elevated to 13.7 and my diff's were fine, so my new promary care Dr wanted to run another round of bloodwork to inlcude all my ferritin levels and such. I guess I have been like this for about 4 years. I have depression/anxiety, IBS and high blood pressure.

Was referred to a hematologist. I saw him on Wednesday. I am 42 years old and he asked me if I was planning on having any more kids. I said no. And the first thing he asked if my GYN ever discussed Endometrial Ablation. I was like "HUH???". I told Hema. that I just saw GYN in September and everything was fine, I have never in my whole life had any women problems. My periods are not heavy, they come about every 25 days. But he said that is the cause of my iron loss. And he said "And your GYN never tested your iron either". Okaaayyy, but I said no way. I have never even had as much as a cyst, and he wants to me go in and scrape out my endo lining?????

Then he says option 2. You can take about 3-4 iron pills a day, and it can cause ulcers, constipation, and stomach upset. So that didn't sound good to me.

OPtion 3. Stay here and we can give you IV Iron infusion, no side effects and then we can give you a bigger bag on Friday and you will feel like a whole new person. So I think, okay, sounds good to me.

So I stayed and had a small IV infusion. The stuff looked like brown motor oil. Took about 1/2 hour. The I was sent home. About 5 hours later I became deathly ill. Just like the flu. Vomiting, chiils, fever, muscle pain. Horrible. I also think my BP dropped but I was to sick to take it at the time.

So husband calls and they say to take Benadryl and tylenol. I call the office the next day and tell them what happened. The nurse said the Hema. Dr. was going to proceed with the bigger bad, but pre-med me with steroids via IV, benadryl and Tylenol.

So I go in Friday for my 2nd infusion. I was there about 5 hours. They took my BP prior to starting. It ws 103/75. (I am on a beta blocker, 25mg and 5mg of lisinopril). She didn;t say anything and neither did I. When I was done, I got up and went to the bathroom. My feet had these purple like splothes on them. I come out of the bathroom and ask them what it was. I had never gotten that again, Nurses siad it was from sitting in recliner for a long period of time. I sat for a few more minutes. They did not check my BP before they let me go.

Husband walked me down the hall tot he elevator. I got about half way there and all of a sudden I felt deathly ill again. He sat me down, and I fel awful. He ran and got the nurse back in Hematology. I passed out cold.

My BP plummeted to 80/50. They could not get a pulse on me. Took about 2 hours to get me to come around and raise my BP. I was so damn scared.

Since Friday, I ahve only taken 12.5 atenenol and my BP is still good. 115/75 I know the Hematologist said many people with HBP who raise their iron can come off meds.

Okay, but not like this.

So now what?? I am supposed to call tomorrow to see how he is going to proceed now. I can't imagine him having me get one last infusion??? I am leaving for FL on vacation on Friday which is why he wanted to do two before I left at least.

The nurse AND the Dr said that IV Iron is safe?????? Ummmm, not for me.

I do NOT want an Endo ablation. Have any of you women done this to avoid iron loss??

Tell me about OTC iron pills? How bad are they REALLY????

And I have heard cooking with cast iron pan, and taking blackstrap molasses???

Has anyone had this same experience I have had??? What was you rnext course of action???

I want to leep my iron levels up because even though I did not feel badly before, I sure do feel much better now(Of course AFTER that whole ordeal this week)


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