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Hey Clare ..
I appreciate your posts ..
Yes, creeping ivy is an excellent way to describe this illness ..
its "insideous" ..
I am the exact same way as you ..
i used to be able to walk 4 miles daily ..
i hope i can get back to that ..
now .. if i walk i no longer measure
but i let my energy dictate ..
(it isnt even close to 4 miles, i know)
sometimes if i have to shop for daily essentials,
i use that time to carry myself in a way that mimics
exercise walking to kill 2 birds ..
because u know that since our reserves are low
doing too much in one day throws us off too much
that is until we get ourselves built up again ..
(if that will ever happen)

what bothers me the most is the effects of anemia
on my neuro system .. i hate the feeling of brain fog,
the shaky anxious feeling of unbalanced, un properly
oxygenated neurons .. it feels as if your nerves are frying
.. its HORRIBLE ..
at times i want to ask for anti anxiety pills,
but i know my system has to heal
ill be patient ..
(since white wine is a iron absorb enhancer
i a little with my meat at dinner with a vit c chewable)

im glad i have you to share this with ..
unless u experienced 'this' you have no idea ..

my pains are in my fingers, right ribs, left front
of tooth and toes .. when it hits me hard, i just lie down ..

im glad my vaginal pain had really subsided ..
its amazing to begin figuring out how these physical pains
are linked to lack of oxygen to different body parts/organs
that may be weak to begin with ..

rest and stay hydrated and properly nourished ..
Clare, i will hold u up and encourage you ..
we will fight this fight together ..
Keep smiling .. our kids need us!

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