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Re: B12 328?
Sep 5, 2010
[QUOTE=jonnstar;4320858]t is unlikely in the extreme that your B12 levals are causing all those symptoms[/QUOTE]

I am wondering why you think its so unlikely, Jonnstar? I recently had my B12 level checked and it came back at 316 pg/ml. Right on the report from Quest Diagnostics it lists the reference range as 200 - 1100, but then it goes on to say that 5-10% of the people who's levels fall into the 200-400 range are actually suffering from occult B12 Deficiency and could show signs of neuropsychiatric and hematologic abnormalities. I would not call 5-10% "unlikely in the extreme."

Personally, my physician went ahead and prescribed a 1000 mcg injection of B12 for me to take on a monthly basis. I've been on high dose Prilosec for 12 years and metformin for the last 4 years. Both drugs are known to cause problems in absorbing Vit B12. I've had IBS for about 12 years too with chronic diarrhea stools several times per day, every day. Amazingly, within a day or so of my first injection my diarrhea went away and stayed away for 2 weeks! Then over the 3rd and 4th week the diarrhea started coming back. I had my second injection last week and again, my diarrhea disappeared! For me, that is proof enough that I fall into that 5-10%. I feel like I have found a miracle. I have noticed some improvements too in my chronic joint and muscle pain, and I hope to further improve as the injections continue to replenish my depleted B12 stores.

Meagansmom, if your MD is making light of your issues, by all means get a new primary care provider. You really have nothing to lose and possibly much to gain by supplementing your B12. Keep in mind too that oral supplements may not work if your deficiency is the result of an impaired ability to absorb B12. Sometimes sublingual products will work when traditional oral supplements fail. If the SL products fail then an injection is indicated.

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