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Why am I so tired?
Sep 3, 2010
Hello, I was diagnosed with anemia about three weeks ago...

My hemoglobin was 10.1
rbcs 3.44

I became anemic due to heavy, constant menstrual bleeding (two months :dizzy: )... I'm 47...perimenopause, prolly., I've been on ferralet 90 twice a day for three weeks, and I believe my iron levels are increasing because the flush is returning to my palms and inner eyelids, my heart rate is not racing all the time, and I'm not "graying out" getting light headed all the time like I was before. Good news!

The thing is, I'm still just exhausted all the time. I'm a runner and weight lifter, but have really cut back because a body starving for oxygen just doesn't let you do these things. I'm still walking several miles per day...but am willing to cut back even more to get healthy again.

Shouldn't I have more energy by now? I"m going to go back for more testing (also a detailed thyroid panel) in another two weeks and will ask my doc, but was hoping some of you folks who have been through this might have some words of wisdom!

Thanks in advance for any help! :wave:

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