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Re: Just diagnosed
Sep 17, 2010
Iím not a doctor but a hemoglobin of 7 seems pretty dang low! A level of 7 normally warrants a blood transfusion. And youíre right; your dosage of iron seems low too. I had low blood pressure too but not sure if that is a symptom of anemia Ė makes sense that it is though. Geez, you must feel pretty bad. If it were me I would not wait a month or longer to get back in. I would get into a Hematologist now. Do you know your ferritin level?

I canít believe they told you to call back in if you faint! Are you serious? Wouldnít you like them to walk a day in your shoes and see what it feels like to live like this? Personally, I think youíre being under medicated and you need more attention than they are giving you. Telling a patient to call if they faint, means they know you are at risk, and is plain negligence. At the rate youíre going with taking one 325mg Ferrous Sulfate a day youíll be lucky if you feel better in a year.

Sorry for the rant but I wish doctors would take anemia more seriously. Good luck and I sincerely hope you get some good medical care and are feeling better soon!

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