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Hi there!

Does anyone have any experience with low ferritin levels being a cause of eyelash/eyebrow loss?

I started to rapidly lose my eyelashes a few months ago. Two ophthalmologists could find nothing wrong with my eyes, but the second one had me on a series of antibiotics and steroids, just in case. Didn't help, so he told me to go get my thyroid checked. The numbers were withing normal range, but on the low side. I was really thinking my thyroid was the problem, but surprisingly my ferritin level was low-- <8. My doctor feels that this is the cause of my eyelash loss (and now brows too, as well as nasal hairs) and that iron supplementation should fix my problem. Does this sound plausible?

I've read the studies linking loss of SCALP hair to low iron stores, but I haven't found anything about eyelashes and eyebrows alone. I don't want to sit around thinking iron supplementation is going to fix my hair loss when it's not related, when I could be looking at other possibilities. (Of course, I want to get my iron levels up too :) )

Also, if anyone has anything to say about these results, I'd be most appreciative!

WBC = 7.3 (4.0-10.0)
RDW = 14.1 (11.0-14.0)-high
RBC = 4.13 (4.20-5.40)-low
PLT = 210 (140-450)
MCV = 89 (82-100)
MCHC 34.7 (32.0-36.0)
HGB = 12.8 (12.0-16.0)
HCT = 36.8 (36.0-48.0)

Eyebrow hairs shedding from the outer edges of your eyebrows is a symptom of hypothyroid. Iíve been hypo and hyperthyroid and had never lost any eyelashes. Since being anemic, I have been losing eyelashes and some random eyebrows (not just from the outer edge). Just a few a day usually but a couple times I noticed about 10 eyelashes come out. Freaked me out a little bit. I asked my doctor about it and she didnít have an answer for me.

It would make sense though since iron is a protein and all hair needs protein to stay in a growth cycle (and not shed). Hair is not a necessity for our bodies to function, therefore it is the last to get any protein/nourishment, with anemia there is usually not enough leftover for hair so it sheds. It would seem like that could/would apply to eyelash and/or brow hairs too but I donít have a definitive answer.
Thanks Payton! The eyebrow hair loss is not from the outer ends--just randomly throughout. Eyelashes too. I'm guessing some are growing back, because I've been losing between 5 and 15 lashes per DAY since July and still have enough that I don't look odd to other people. I just don't know what is going on and I hate that doctors don't have an answer.

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