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Good afternoon,

Thank you so much for such a well spoken response. It was just what I needed last night before retiring. I have already begun to utilize your ideas and they have been received well. My husband says thank you.

I'm so glad that your teens are less into themselves, my girls seem to be all about them. They may just be having a hard time dealing w/me being sick. I'm the one whose hardly ever really sick. I go to work feeling a little under the weather, but that is just the way I was raised. I have an awesome friend who has stepped up to fill my position while I'm out and I really should just let her, I've been forcing my self to make it in while she has been assisting me. I Can't stand feeling vulnerable and useless, and are girls are the same way I know.

None of us were anticipating me being ill this long, and nerves are frayed. So I have set up for us to go to a movie and shop for a few, very few, things that they are needing. There's so much since I've been down. I'm probably going to be the car sitter for some of these events. But I know they just want their mom back and I can't blame them.

I did explain that I might only make it through the movie then I may just need to rest and they seemed to be ok with that. I have tried used your wisdom and experience and relay it in a positive way to them. They don't know I've been swapping stories and they don't need to know. Just my husband, he is happy to see me encouraged.

After talking to pharmacist today, he thinks I might be on the right track too about my inability to store/hold on to my b12. Apparently there has been a rise in people becoming b12 and Vitamin D defficient this past couple of decades. He stated that the last meeting he attended they spoke of it. We have become so concerned about skin cancer that w/all the sunscreen, we are not allowing the proper bacteria to grow on our skin and receive natural Vitamin D. We are blocking our absorbtion.

This is most likely not my case but he did inform me that b12 and vitamin D are quite frequently linked to each other and it can lead to a false positive for fibromyalgia and other rheumatologistic conditions. I now can get my self checked for Vitamin D if the b12 injections I was finally prescibed don't seem to fix most of my ailments he agrees that I should keep helping my Dr. since I know my body best.

He did say it is common for pain to ensue when the B12 is at a very low level. It messes w/the entire nervous system. Not to mention aids in the production of red blood cells in the marrow. Causing much muscle cramps. He's seasoned and I've known him for years, of course he told me to check all this out and have my GP research this since it was not that common 20-30 yrs ago. Funny how my GP is seasoned too, I conclude that Pharmacists see a more general array of people though.

Now I just have to learn to give my own b12 shots or patiently wait on my brother or friends to meet me and inject them for me.

And no I did not see how blessed I am. The pain and depression had seemed to mask it all. Truthfully I just wanted to be left alone so no one would have to get upset or bother w/being inconvenienced to help me. My church family had been bringing us homemade meals until I started trying to go back to work.

My hope now is that this can make us a stronger family instead of tearing us apart. It appears your children are close to you and are happy to be with you w/understanding your ill.

The Autism really pulled the family together for our youngest just not at first. It was a big blow to us at first though.

I hope you have a good day. I pray you receive as much a blessing from someone else that you've been for me.

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