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Well writeleft,

I had the pain building for 6 days before I went to ER. I couldn't even keep a grip I was weak by then and the pain was like I had been working out for hours the burning was incredible, and on top of it; kind of like surgery when you come to. The ER Dr said I had Carpal Tunnal, and repeated to me the leg pain was a "red Herring" I guess he meant an anomaly.

My GP found through blood work my b12 at 200 and that's all we have to go by just now. He doesn't believe the b12 has anything to do with the pain even though it just about relieves all the pain. Especially the muscle twitches and sharp shooting pains running through my legs and arms.

So he will not prescribe pain relief since he's afraid of masking any symptoms before I see the Hematolgist, per my request. He wants me to see a Rheumatologist (the pain relief would be longer) and even though I live in a very large medical city their is still a long wait to see one. I want to get as much done as soon as possible before any damage if any will be caused.

If I keep up w/b12 as I tested I get a good result. But keeping active at all seems to deplete my B12 (as I'll soon find out) and the pain starts and fatigue enters. I've requested another blood test of b12 and folate to check this theory as well. My Dr.'s not to optimistic on my theory.

Biggest issue is my children the 1st grader is autistic and doesn't understand. He's been acting out at school since I too have been confined to my bed, chair, or couch to be involved. Even if sleeping is all I'm doing. The other 2 primary school kids are very understanding, it's the young teenagers and my husband that's having the most trouble w/this in which causes undue stress. I've been stuck w/ this for only 5 weeks but seems so much longer, to them as well.

Problem we're all having is not knowing at all what is causing this. My back and neck are fine. I only get shortness of breath and minor tightness in my chest when my arms and legs are in severe pain. No swellling, no fever, no sensitivity to touch, so all the arthritic possibilities seem to be out.

The shot itself makes me very tired after 30min. from getting it. I will fall asleep at some point even if sitting up. I don't feel any relief for about 18-24 hours depends on the time of the day and if I was active that day or not.

I know b12 isn't my only problem, but even w/research can't get an idea of what this can be. Today I can walk like a penguin or a 90 yr old and use my hands. The deep pain is not there, just that constant dull shootings up and down.

Good news my husband used my bcomplex w/b12 sublingual for energy and he said he was energized at work for several hours. How envious was I.

I'm glad to know you have days where you can make dinner and enjoy some much needed relief. I see there is hope. :) I just need to be more grateful the days when I can walk and use my hands. It's not an every day occurrence.

It just seems very hard to do and I really don't want to take any unnecessary meds if at all possible. I hate pills.

I believe everything happens for a reason. I'm just having a real hard time w/this.

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