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[QUOTE=AnnHilary;4333641]Were you able to find the liquid floradix at a whole foods co-op or did you have to order it online? I did pick up a supplement yesterday at our local co-op: Iron Complex with 27 mg Iron, Vit C 50mg, Folate 200mg, with herbs Dong Quai & Red Raspberry. I took one on an empty stomach yesterday with heartburn or nausea. What scares me is that I can't take a normal multivitamin without taking colace! How many am I going to have to take to aide with a high dose iron?! I am happy at least to have found out what was wrong--I had 2 significant dizzy spells last week. I had gone to the dermatologist to see about hair loss and she had ordered the Iron levels, as apparently I had issues with this before according to my chart. She felt that my hair loss is directly related to the ferritin level being low. When I looked at they said there is no evidence that hair loss is related to anemia. They only listed a few symptoms of anemia, I think I have had several.[/QUOTE]

My sister in law is a nurse and she even had such bad anemia her hair was falling out. I have had bouts of my hair falling out over the years too, and never realized it was probably anemia. I also would get dizzy, vertigo, heart palps (constant rates of 100-110 a min), out of breath, exhausted, muscles weak and burning, confusion, almost blacking out when I would stand up, aches and pains and sleepiness. I couldn't walk anywhere without needing to sit after about ten steps.

It went away and my iron was like, borderline but not anemia for many moons. Now I'm at 5 for ferritin and I'm starting to get the muscle burning and sleepiness and confusion and all again. Just typing makes my arms ache.

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