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I also had severe hair loss, lashes falling out, dizziness, heart palps, lack of energy, etc, since last March (2010). I was finally diagnosed with iron deficient anemia in June/July. My Ferritin level was a 5. It has been a long, long year. I am no longer clinically anemic but my Ferritin level, at best, was 40. I have since had an Endometrial Ablation, approx a month ago. My blood work is checked every other month by a hematologist. My periods were not super heavy but leaning more towards the heavy side. Itís a process of elimination. I tested negative for Celiac Disease and blood in the stool. Now with my periods completely stopped, weíre hoping my Ferritin will come up. I still experience heavy hair loss and some eyelash loss daily (up to 31 lashes in one day, canít believe I even have any left). The Endometrial Ablation is the best thing I couldíve done, no period what-so-ever, and this is just the first month. It was a breeze and glad I decided to do it. Iím due for a blood draw so weíll see if the Ferritin starts climbing, more rapidly. Not expecting much this first blood draw since the Ablation was only a month ago but hopefully the next one will show more significant improvement. If not, the doctors are planning on taking a more aggressive look at me internally.

Good luck to all! Iíve been there and know how upsetting and life altering anemia can be Ė I had no clue.

Hugs, Payton

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