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[QUOTE=AnnHilary;4690822]Interesting this post resurfaced!! I am the OP, and thought I would follow up a bit. I continue to take the mentioned Iron Supplement, maybe 4 times a week and have attempted to try several different oral contraceptives without much luck, but at least it has bought me a few months of lesser bleeding. I have not had my levels drawn again, but between the Pills and added iron, I feel wonderful. My hair loss has completely stopped, heart rate is in the 90s, no further shortness of breath. I can't believe how sick I was last summer and fall--I never want to go through that again. I went off the protonix and just use Maalox occaisonally now. I definately feel that my hairloss and throat issues were related, and I have read where pernicious & other anemias can "strawberry tongue" and I definately think I had something like that going on. I think I am still a bit on the edge, but hopefully will be doing something permanent about the bleeding so I won't have to go down that awful path again. Also in my research, it is mentioned that numbness & tingling can also be a clinical manifestation of anemia, and I had that (usually would wake up with a numb arm) and this has also resolved.[/QUOTE]

AnnHilary, it is so good to hear you're feeling better!

What the heck is strawberry tongue? (My tongue was freaking killing me for about a week or two this past month and was so sore and I had trouble eating. It seems to be getting better now though while other symptoms are getting worse.)

Numbness and tingling? I actually went to a clinic for this and the doc said it was probably carpal tunnel. I would wake up with my hand or hands numb and my fingertips and toes would be numbish.

It's like you have to be Sherlock Holmes with this anemia stuff.

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