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When I was diagnosed with IDA my ferritin was a 5 also and I think my Hemoglobin was 10.8, so very similar levels to you. I started taking 108 mgs of elemental iron a day (6 pills Ė 18 mgs each) within 4 weeks my ferritin went up to 14. At that time I had switched to an iron complex (only because I could buy it locally and the other I had to order online) and over the next 2-3 months my ferritin never raised again and started going back down. I went back to the first form of iron I was taking and within 3 weeks had a blood drawn and my ferritin had shot up to 35. Itís an amino iron in the form of iron bisglycinate, highly, highly recommended on other anemia sites. Iíve never had any digestion issues with it.

Japlopper is exactly right, Iím on month 4 and am no longer considered anemic, however, there are good days and bad days. Iím starting to have more good days but the bad days are still pretty bad, mostly fatigue. Itís the worst right before and during my period.

Flflowergirl mentioned an endometrial ablation; you should definitely look into it. In the meantime, my Naturopath gave me something called Slow Flow to take just during your period. It works wonders Ė you can google it. It doesnít stop your period but makes it way lighter and shorter.

I also had massive hair loss and believe it is connected to low ferritin levels. Thereís a ton of information about levels having to be around 70 for hair loss to stop. Iíve also seen 50 or 60 for hair loss to stop but up to 70 for new growth.

Good luck girl - I feel for ya!

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