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For the last 6 months or so I've had a few symptoms that have been getting worse and worse, they started off mildly and I didn't think much about them until the last month or 2 where the symptoms are now almost daily. The main symptoms are...

Very short of breath half way through my regular running
Very cold feet (I've had this for years though)

The Lightheadedness is the main symptom and I get it daily now, just feel spaced out and slightly dizzy/tipsy and it gets so bad after drinking alcohol that I have to stay in bed (not your regular hangover). I've stopped driving recently as I didn't feel very safe behind the wheel.

I'm a very healthy 27 year old male, regular runner and gym goer, I would almost say I've been lucky enough to have never been ill before apart from cold or flu and never ever suffered from headaches.

I went to the Doctor and he ran some blood tests for Diabetes, Thyroid problems and Anemia and they all came back fine so he put me on Prochlorperazine Tablets (5mg 3 times a day, usually prescribed for people with vertigo) and said if they have a positive effect on my symptoms then it could indicate an inner ear problem and he would then refer me to a ENT specialist.

I was fine with this until I did a bit of reading and found that vitamin B12 deficiency can be missed in some blood tests? Before I went to the Doctor I was convinced, after researching my symptoms, that I had some sort of blood disorder and was most likely B12 deficient as the symptoms were so common to how I was feeling. Is there a chance the blood test I had wouldn't pick up on this?

I'm not sure what to do, I'm going to keep on taking these tablets for a week or 2 and see if they have any effect. I have seen in my local health food store they have some very high strength vitamin B12 tablets, maybe I should give those a go and see if they alleviate my symptoms?


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