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Hi everyone,

Two months ago I started to experience constant pressure and heaviness in the head. For a few years I had always felt lethargic and sensitive to the cold and suspected I was iron deficient, however, just recently my symptoms worsened and went for a blood test to find that my serum iron was a 2 when the normal level is about 20..the doctor said I was iron deficient anemic.
So I had iron injections every week for 6-7 weeks and I although I do feel 'slightly' better I still have the odd constant heaviness in the head and on top of that new symptoms such as numbness and tingling of my cheeks, muscle spasms in the rest of my body, shaking, rapid irregular heartbeat, breathlessness.
I live in state of brain fog and feel disconnected from the rest of the world.
Even though my iron levels have increased 3 fold I still feel like this and apparently my levels are now borderline and although I'm not considered anemic I'm still iron deficient. I've also had extremely painful and long periods (7 days) in these past two months and I've had about 4 blood tests, I wonder if the loss of blood is preventing me from getting better.
I'm considering having an iron infussion to see if it will alleviate my symptoms.
I'm a 20 year old, once healthy and energetic female and I feel as if I've aged 40 years...
I'm extremely worried...
I wonder if anyone else has felt these symptoms, heaviness in head and numbess? I wonder it's due to restricted blood flow to the head?

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