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When you say your iron level is a 5, I assume you mean ferritin? That is low and all the symptoms you are describing I had felt as well when my ferritin was at a 5. Prior to being diagnosed I did have pins and needles in one of my arms and even started having pretty severe chest pains, along with many of the other usual symptoms of iron deficiency. When I had leg aches I would wrap heating pads around them so I could sleep. Maybe you could try that. You wonít feel like this forever but possibly a long time (months). What type of iron are you taking?

Iím starting my 5th month of 6 iron pills a day (18 mg of elemental iron in each pill) and am just starting to feel a little better. There are now good days and then some bad days. Most days Iím just trying to get by but I do feel better than the first few months. The leg aches have subsided, Iím no longer short of breath, no chest pains, minimal anxiety and heart palpitations, but I am still losing quite a bit of hair (including eyelashes), although both have lessened a little. My concentration and focus are still a pretty significant issue, along with dizziness some days.

You mentioned you have ulcers and reflux issues. Itís been noted that medication for those ailments inhibits iron absorption. If you do take medication for the reflux youíll need to take your iron as far apart from those medications as possible. At least 4 hours apart? Calcium also inhibits iron absorption, while Vitamin C will assist in absorption. However, be mindful of drinking OJ with your iron, as most brands have calcium.

Good luck and I sincerely hope you are feeling better soon! Payton

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