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... lightheaded my hemaglobin was 11 when this started and my ferritin was 13 and my b12 220.. I stopped all excercise for 8 months, cut sugar and caffiene, took vitamins including iron and b12 injections and yes this has brought my hemaglobin up to 13. ... (7 replies)
... I have 3 kids if I had Thalmanemia I would have known, if I am not mistaken, that is tested along with Sickle Cell, which i dont have the trait for. ... (0 replies)
... (89 replies)

... I'm not sure how long I need to stay on the Iron supplements, i suffer from heavy menstrual cycles. The last blood test I had, my Ferritin was at 8. My hemaglobin was normal at 12.8, but my iron and ferritin are low. ... (89 replies)
... O.K. just got my CBC results back and i'm a little scared. Hemo 11.3 MCV 77 MCH 24.8 Last year everything was normal is this something to be worried about? I have been on nexium since last June because of Hpylori. I heard Nexium can case anemia. Any suggestions? (1 replies)
... ell me that a ferritin level of 15 was fine, but another one tell me it was too LOW! and was causing my dizziness and light headed feeling. Now ive dropped to an 8 and i feel like crap!! today is not my day. Im tired and yes to walk up the stairs makes me feel tired!!!! i get dizzy and liightheaded a lot. ... (34 replies)
... Prior to thyroid meds my TSH was 9.98. More recent lab results are as follows: TSH (.10-5.50): 3-1-11: 1.5 4-1-11: 1.3 5-2-11: 1.23 Free T4 (.8-1.7ng/dL) 3-1-11: 1.5 4-1-11: 1.3 5-2-11: 1.1 (19 replies)
... counter Iron Sulfate pills once a day and to come and get retested in 3 months. ... (4 replies)
... I had my gastric bypass almost 3 yrs ago. I was diagnosed anemia 1 yr ago. I tried iron pills for 3 months and my counts did not budge. So I had 14 iron infusions over 2 month time frame. My counts when up. Total iron from 31 to 121 and hemaglobin from 8. ... (28 replies)
... ly bad balance issues for the past few days and almost collapsed completely. Those I think are thyroid related. According to the last blood test I had, CBC, my hemaglobin is down to 11.6, and my RBC is down to 3.86. Those levels shouldn't be causing my discomfort, according to my doctors. ... (12 replies)
Test Results
Mar 16, 2007
... Fjones, What was yout number for LY? My lymphocytes count was 22.6 with an L by it for low. I had a CBC with total iron tests, but I don't see ferrition on my lab sheet. Why are you getting the IV iron? What results is your Dr. using? Thanks! (6 replies)
Test Results
Mar 15, 2007
... Can someone tell me what LY stands for on blood test results. On my last set of results taken 3/12/07 it says the normal range for LY is 20.5 - 51.1. I don't have the results for ferritin or iron saturation, but some of the other's were: RBC - 4.24 (4.00-6.00) HGB - 12.4 (11.0 - 18.0) HCT - 37.3 (35.0 - 60.0) MCHC - 33.3 (33.0 - 37.0) MPV - 6.1 (7.8-11.0) ... (6 replies)
... Hi Jenny: The symptoms i have had the past few yrs is just fatigue, exhaustion, weakness (esp during 1st few days of period), windedness /brethlessness when climbing stairs or doing aerobic exercise (which i have avoided for a couple of yrs b/c it makes me very lightheaded and uncomfortable that i feel i may past out). The internist that i just started seeing told me he thinks... (19 replies)
... my hemaglobin was up from 9.4 to 9. ... (4 replies)
... cian. We tried iron therapy for several months, but her RBCs continued to decrease. Her total RBC for the past eight months has ranged between 3.2 and 3.5, her hemaglobin has ranged from 8. ... (4 replies)
... medicaid office. Currently, a family of 3 in mississippi must make over 50,0000 per year for the children to not get CHIPS. ... (4 replies)
... I had a colonoscopy a couple of weeks back. Found 2mm and 13 mm polyp. Doctor had me have lab work done to check on all blood levels. Hemaglobin and hematocrit were a little low, BUT the ferritin was really low. ... (0 replies)
... In July, found out Hemaglobin was 7.8 and Ferritin level was 3. Hematologist started me on Ferrlicet iron infusions. ... (1 replies)
... my body wasnt absorbing the pills fast enough my hemaglobin was 8. ... (1 replies)
... is the low end but you would have gone up if you still took the pills im getting my blood tested next week after 3 and they say better to be safe what was your dr thinking doing all 6 at once before testing i am a 2 and my hemaglobin is 8. ... (14 replies)

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