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... Low Blood 11.3 Low MCH 26.5 and High RDW 16. ... (0 replies)
Hemoglobin of 8.3
Aug 13, 2013
... as well as contacting hemolytic anemia from a bad blood transfusion a few years ago. I went to my pcp last week for blood work, which I still haven't received 8 days later. I went to the er last night and they said my hemoglobin level is 8.3. When I saw a dr 5 hours later he said it had raised to a 9. ... (0 replies)
Iron level-8.3
Sep 6, 2007
... . (22 replies)

Iron level-8.3
Sep 16, 2006
... they are generally considered "people at risk" and those are the ones that get Transfusions 8 or less. ... (22 replies)
... I'm 33 year old male, been healthy all my life until I just found out 2 days ago my hgb 8.3 and hct 25, which are both low. I've been feeling dizzy and short of breath with heart racing at 110-120 minute at rest to 135-140 when walking. So I went to the hospital and that's when they found all these results. Total bilirubin is sky high 7.3. Direct Coombs test was negative for... (0 replies)
Iron level-8.3
Sep 13, 2006
... copy but I am going to wait until my next blood test in October to see if my level is continuing to rise like it has to make that decision. I know what caused my low hemoglobin, heavy menstral bleeding that I needed a DNC, and had hyperplasia of the uterus with atypical cells. ... (22 replies)
... I am grateful to have found this board. For years, I asked for CBCs because I had all the symptoms of anemia. My doctor checked my hemoglobin and hematocrit but not my ferritin levels. Finally, I thought it might be my thyroid. ... (5 replies)
... My daughter has had a strange petechial rash appear from time to time mainly on her arms but has been on other extremities also. She was 3 when she was first admitted to hospital with this and all bloods were normal. ... (1 replies)
Iron level-8.3
Sep 12, 2006
... anemia is a symptom of low thyroid, but low thyroid can also be a symptom of anemia..... ... (22 replies)
... Well, I'm back... Graves Disease is "hyper" thyroid. I had a colonoscopy/endoscopy done-had 2 polyps in the colon that were normal, a polyp in my stomach which was normal, and one in my duodenum which was also normal. The gastro. doctor said he didn't see any reason for bleeding from these two tests. I haven't had a follow up visit with him, just spoke to a hurried nurse on... (23 replies)
... I had a hysterectomy back in 2000, I have had all kinds of test to see where the bleeding is coming from. Lab results as of 8/16/12: RBC count: 3.67. Low Platelet count: 412. High Hemoglobin: 10.4. Low Hematocrit: 32.1. Low AST: 37. High (5 replies)
... Almost two months ago i went to my doctor for a yearly physical. My blood test came back showing my hemoglobin at a 6.3. My doctor insisted i have a colonosopy and EGD right away to check for bleeding. ... (2 replies)
... who suffered some internal bleeding almost a year ago post surgery. I also had 2 Dvt's as well which caused very heavy monthly periods. This went on for about 8 months which caused my iron stores to drift down to a 3 or so..... ... (1 replies)
... From all I've read, this leads me to believe even though I'm anemic due to the 3 low levels it has nada to do with lack of iron, since that level is fine, too. I sure wish I knew more. ... (7 replies)
... (14 replies)
... ve been doing a lot of reading and it seems that a lot of people have to have transfusions and infusions when they get under 8 or 9 and they are barely able to function. ... (14 replies)
Iron level-8.3
Sep 13, 2006
... It's interesting that you mentioned walking. I've been low on hemoglobin, but at my last count a month ago, it had come up to 11.9. ... (22 replies)
Iron level-8.3
Sep 12, 2006
... My GP sent me to a hematologist when my hemoglobin dropped from 11.9 to 8 in a couple of weeks. ... (22 replies)
... I feel so much better after the blood transfusion. Took 8 hrs at the hospital..2 to 3 hours for each unit, plus time in between the two. I am no longer feeling faint or more heart palpitations..just feeling awesome.. ... (6 replies)
... ulting in a diagnosis of anemia. Next you need to find out why you are anemic. If iron replacement therapy is all that you need to do after that then with your low numbers and moderate anemia you can opt to see a Hematologist and have IV iron as Charlene experienced or go the oral route with supplements. ... (2 replies)

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