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... rare few might suffer the type of affects the rest of us wont have, so you can't exactly rule out that your low energy levels ect are not being caused a ferretin level of 25. ... (9 replies)
... Ferritin level is stored iron. IT does not effect the physical symptoms one way or the other. It is simply what the body draws from if iron is not available by diet. ... (3 replies)
... I was diagnosed with anemia last week after a blood test revealed my ferritin level was 8. I wondered if anyone knew how long I would have been anemic for it to have reached this level. ... (1 replies)

... I was caught with a low ferritin level following donating blood for the first time. It was at a level of 6. Following 8 iron injections it is now up to 12. But the doctor is not happy with that either so am still waiting to see my GI specialist. ... (1 replies)
... myself shooting off the back of the treadmill at the gym and having somebody prop me again the chest press until my hubby can come and PICK me up!! I'm back to a Ferritin level of 3 so it's only a matter of time before I become anemic again. ... (4 replies)
... Doctor ran blood tests in Nov 2014 showed Ferritin level at 8. ... (4 replies)
Symptoms ?
Mar 13, 2013
... It doesn't really burn, but it does ache, like in the middle mostly. It sometimes even hurts to talk. Anemia can also be seen in the tongue in that the surface becomes smooth and sometimes it looks like there are cracks or fissures in it. If you do a search for "anemia tongue symptoms" there are several entries that talk about it. You might also search for "burning tongue"... (9 replies)
Symptoms ?
Mar 13, 2013
... I have a burning tongue with some white coating. My ferritin level is 8. ... (9 replies)
... I've been battling anemia and low iron sats for years but my latest test results Show my iron saturation is now 2%. Iron binding capability is 455 and ferritin level is <8. And iron is 9.4. I take 975 mg of iron daily. These results worry me any advice or anything??? Just got results tonight so haven't heard from doctors yet... (0 replies)
Am I anemic
Nov 13, 2012
... You poor thing. My iron was 36 and I had a grayish color to my skin and felt so tired. Been on iron starting october, but it doesn't seem to be absorbing well. I started liquid ferrous sulfate. Hopefully you will get good treatment for this. (2 replies)
Am I anemic
Nov 9, 2012
... Hello, I am new here and have never posted a medical question but thought perhaps you smart people could help me out and answer a questions for me, with my stats below am I anemic: Ferritin - 8 Iron level - 24 TIBC - 419 B12 - 193 I appreciate your help...thanks Jennifer (2 replies)
... I think below 8 they would put you in the hospital for iron infusions. ... (8 replies)
... So I went for a routine checkup and told my doctor about feeling dizzy and loosing my breath quickly...he ordered my blood work and tested for Iron deficiency...turned out I have a low ferritin level - 6.9..other results: IRON 44 mcg/dL IRON BINDING CAP 563 mcg/dL IRON SATURATION 8 % FERRITIN 6.9 ng/mL WBC 5.9 THOU/mcL RBC 5.75 MIL/mcL HEMOGLOBIN 12.2 g/dL... (0 replies)
... Please share your story with me. By the way my ferritin level in december was 15. ... (10 replies)
... Oh boy...I do understand how you feel. I wish I had a way to cheer you up. My doctor just told me today that my iron level is at 8... All I can say is that you're not alone in this. My symptoms are very similar to yours. ... (3 replies)
... I was recently diagnosed as having a ferritin level of 8. I was relieved that there was actually something "wrong" with me, since I've been feeling awful for quite a while. ... (1 replies)
... and my ferritin level of 1. ... (8 replies)
... Not according to my dr. my hemoglobin was 8.5 after I got 3 iron ivs it was 12 you need to know your ferritin level(stored iron) to know if your lacking iron.mine was a 2 If anything we need more iron because our red blood cells die faster than everyone elses. (8 replies)
... Hi There Your B12 is very very low I would suggest you ask your doctor for a uMMA it is a urine tests that will show B12 deficiency you can do a search on it.... I dobt know about your folate as our levels are read different here but if it is rather high this can occur with B12 deficiency... taking 100mcg of B12 is a waste of time with your levels it is like trying to fill... (12 replies)
... I'm not sure if this means anything. Other then it explains why I feel like crud having my ferritin level at 4 and my iron at 12. ... (12 replies)

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