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... Unfortunately with your low ferritin levels any strenous exercise will leave you feeling tired and may even deplete your stores further. ... (27 replies)
... Often Iron levels can be within the range, but Ferritin and Reticulocyte can give a better picture. ... (3 replies)
... ferritin level is 8 what's the cause (3 replies)

... i had 3 ivs 200mg each so 600 total my ferritin went from 2 to 66 and hemoglobin from 8.5 to 10. ... (8 replies)
... my neice who works in my dr office just called my hemoglobin is 10.8 and ferritin is 66 so im doing good concidering i also have thalassemia what is the best range for ferritin? ... (4 replies)
... Hi Christine! Let me guess, you had to ask for the Ferritin test right? ... (13 replies)
... Did you see the "8" on my Ferritin labs? ... (14 replies)
... od levels were checked and everything was normal, thought i was going crazy,, 3 weeks later went to a walk in clinic he ran some bld wrk and it came back with my ferritin a little low ... he said. ... (2 replies)
... So, I got the rest of my numbers and lo and behold, Hallelujah, there IS a ferritin test result from a blood draw I had in late February as well as the rest of the Hemogram. ... (6 replies)
... We discussed my CBC levels. When he checked my ferritin a few months back, it was a 9. When I saw the hematologist it was a 4. The endocrinologist was shocked at the drop. ... (23 replies)
... H is normal. She thinks that I am not able to absorb the iron properly. She is concerned because last August my ferritin level was 8.2, they rechecked it on January 31 and it had only dropped to 7.9 then when it was checked last week it had dropped by over half to 3.2. ... (4 replies)
... I was diagnosed with PLMD two years ago. I also have a low serum ferritin level. I have tried iron pills and supplements and finally went for iron shots. After 10 months of weekly iron shots my ferritin went from 8 to 15. ... (3 replies)
... I don't know is there really is a definitive way to tell. My Hematologist told me that I didn't notice the anemia at 8.5 Hgb and 2 ferritin because it came on slowly. Mine was due to heavy periods they say. This way it takes years to deplete iron stores and become IDA. ... (5 replies)
... and my ferritin level is 1! Yes, 1. Why the discrepancy? ... (16 replies)
... Your numbers do look pretty good. An ESR and CRP would probably be elevated if you had a chronic infection. But a CBC checking your white blood counts would probably need to be done also. Your ferritin, of 54, is low for a man and that could possibly give you your symptoms, but getting a doctor in the U.S. to buy that is probably slim. I hate to say it but sometimes... (7 replies)
... Thanks again Christine, well i went for another blood test and the results are great... except the symptoms remain. Iron 21 (9-27) Transferrin 2.6 (1.8-3.7) Transferrin Saturation 32 (10-55) Ferritin 54 (30-400) Antinuclear Ab (ANA) NEGATIVE Extractable Nuclear Antigens (ENA) NEGATIVE (7 replies)
... But is ferritin is still 8, why is this still low? ... (5 replies)
... What could be causing my ferritin level to be low? ... (1 replies)
... supplement. YET, I am on this iron project and want to complete it. My goal is 70 or so. This is going to take a while because I seem to be able to move it only 8 points a month , taking one 325mg ferrous sulfate. If I take more iron , my stomach heaves. ... (11 replies)
... Some questions come to mind. You say your ferritin is 11 and you had an infusion on April 9. Were you diagnosed with anemia at that time or just deficiency? ... (12 replies)

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