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... I can also say, before I became anemic and had a ferritin level of 5 I never felt this awful. ... (17 replies)
... ted for things other than the standard CBC and basic TSH that other doctors tested for. The results showed that I was anemic, Hemoglobin level of 8.9, and my ferritin level was 2. My 'sedementation' TIBC rate was 3 ? ... (5 replies)
... And last but not least I will have my ferritin checked again in the next few weeks. I got it up to 47 , I know this seems so high to those on this board who are starting from 8 or so. ... (28 replies)

... Why would you have a higher hemoglobin and lower ferritin and vice versa? ... (15 replies)
... My low ferritin is because I had a gastric bypass and don't absorb iron orally anymore. ... (15 replies)
... I still have not had a ferritin test. My gastro Dr. that did my last iron studies STILL has not read my capsule endoscopy, which tomorrow it will be 2 months now. ... (16 replies)
... I have just had a full blood count done and have ferritin levels of 2.8 and Hb level of 10.3 amongst lots of other symptoms i have felt anxiety as you say feeling like you either are going to explode or give in. ... (4 replies)
Level 6 Ferritin
Mar 10, 2015
... I was getting worse with my joints also hurting. 3 months after the last lab test I took another test. The Ferritin came in even lower at 6. The nurse called me and told me my labs were normal. Is a level 6 after taking supplements for 3 months after having an 8 normal? ... (1 replies)
... And should I take some low dose iron supplement to try to increase my Hemoglobin, even though my ferritin levels are normal. ... (2 replies)
... I have a history of low ferritin so I was actually hoping that my levels were low and causing the consistent dizziness but my labs say I'm at a 50. ... (14 replies)
... ve been diagnosed with all sort of things from anxiety and depression to CFS. Finally after years of just accepting that sometimes I have to take it easy I had a ferritin test that showed my level was 7. Hmmm isnt that interesting? ... (10 replies)
... It will take awhile to rebuild the ferritin, so it will take awhile to feel better. I started taking Floradix and saw a slow rise in my hemoglobin (not ferritin, haven't tested that in awhile) in 6 weeks hemoglobin went up from 11.8 to 13.5. The difference in energy from 11.8 to 13.5 for me is remarkable. (3 replies)
... Is there any vitamin or food that can bring up my ferritin level OTHER that iron supplements? ... (2 replies)
... Ok.. Not sure which test results are relevant but here are some of them WBC 6 RBC 4.6 HEMOGLOBIN 12.8 HEMACRIT 39.4 MCV 85.3 MCH 27.7 MCHC 32.5 RDW 13.9 (14 replies)
... I saw the hematologist for my first consult on November 13 and she called in a script for Niferex 150 on Saturday, November 15 because my ferritin was at a 5. I am seeing her on Wednesday and will go get my blood test Tuesday. Thus I will have taken 2 iron pills a day for 15 days when I get retested. ... (3 replies)
... I do have incredibly heavy periods... they last about 7 to 8 days, and I go through at least 5 or 6 of the largest size tampons they offer in a day. Ugh! ... (19 replies)
... s just having panic. Doc said, "First of all you are NOT severely anemic." My first doc that found the anemia called me at home, my Endo, to say that I had a 2 ferritin but it is not an emergency. Shortly after that experience I was told of the Grades of Anemia. I felt like I surely died. ... (9 replies)
... My Ferritin was a Total of 35. ... (8 replies)
... You are right, its not easy to fix the ferritin issue. My hgb went up from 10.5 to 12. ... (7 replies)
... That is what my doctor said as well, a low ferritin can cause fatigue and other symptoms. She wants me to continue the iron until ferritin goes up further. I have some acid reflux but that started recently. It must have taken a long time for my ferritin to fall to a level of 8 though. ... (3 replies)

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