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... and this testing has been going on for more than a year with my HGB never getting past 10. ... (5 replies)
... went this morning and my HGB had dropped to 7.8 with my ferritin now at 2, so they are saying I have to get a blood transfusion on Friday and then start the IV Iron. ... (5 replies)
... I was bummed yesterday. I have been getting IV venofer for 6 weeks, my hgb got up to 10.1 and yesterday it went down to 9.8. Whats that all about? ... (5 replies)

Test Results
Mar 16, 2007
... Fjones, What was yout number for LY? My lymphocytes count was 22.6 with an L by it for low. I had a CBC with total iron tests, but I don't see ferrition on my lab sheet. Why are you getting the IV iron? What results is your Dr. using? Thanks! (6 replies)
Got my numbers!
Mar 15, 2007
... Jill and all, I got a copy of my last blood test from my gastro Dr. today. I got an H for high on the RDW and platelet count. My platelets are always high, that's why I see a hemo. My lymphocytes and lymphs got an L for low. Does anyone have any ideas from those results? I read from Jill, I think, that high RDW could mean anemia. Anyone know what low lymphocytes mean? My... (4 replies)
Test Results
Mar 15, 2007
... Can someone tell me what LY stands for on blood test results. On my last set of results taken 3/12/07 it says the normal range for LY is 20.5 - 51.1. I don't have the results for ferritin or iron saturation, but some of the other's were: RBC - 4.24 (4.00-6.00) HGB - 12.4 (11.0 - 18.0) HCT - 37.3 (35.0 - 60.0) MCHC - 33.3 (33.0 - 37.0) MPV - 6.1 (7.8-11.0) ... (6 replies)
... I hope this works and I will keep all posted as I progress. Hgb was 8.1. Thanks to thos of you who have posted as it was your postings that encouraged me to register! ... (8 replies)
... When I got to the dr, they did a ekg and said I should be in a hospital. My hgb was down to 8 with ferritin level of 2. I was glad that there was a reason for all my symptoms which is iron anemia. ... (10 replies)
... i see other people have posted their different results and was wondering if any of you kind folks who understand all this stuff could help me make some headway to understanding what's going on in my life! in dec 05-10 months ago my results showed: iron 13;tibc 413;transferrin saturation 3;ferritin 1 it says confirmed by repeat analysis. wbc 12.6;rbc 3.72 hemoglobin 5.7 -and... (5 replies)
... These things are great to know. When I last had my bloodwork in February my Hct was 28 and Hgb was 6.8. I have been taking Ferrous gluconate but I'm still very pale and have heart palpitaions,shortness of breath,dizziness,etc. with exertion. ... (5 replies)
Aug 24, 2006
... Betty, I have hemolytic anemia and when I was diagnosed my iron and ferritin levels were all spot on. My hgb was very low and skin and whites of eyes quite yellow. ... (13 replies)
... Deb,I know exactly how you feel! My Hct was 28 and my Hgb was 6.8 in February and they just sent me my results and told me to take iron pills.I started with the Feosol and had problems with reflux,etc. ... (16 replies)
Jul 7, 2006
... Hi Angela, I just finished reading the thread you attached, holy cow 8 pages :eek: lol. Thank you for sharing your symptoms with me. I just ordered some b12 patches online. I figure if it can't hurt and might help to increase my energy then I'll give it a try. I'm supposed to go back to my Neuro in a couple weeks to go over the results to a couple blood tests he wants done... (3 replies)
... When do they consider you are in need of an iron infusion- how far below? I've been experiencing dizziness and fatigue which I have battled with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome in the past as a result of abusive dieting. I just did my labs today at work. They are extremely low: HGB 11.8 FE 19 (50-160) Ferritin 4.2 ng/ml (23.9-336.2) I've never had an infusion and iron tabs... (7 replies)
... Helllo ok I feeel like I'm Anemic.I have been having health problems since like Sept(it's getting worse instead of better) But I also need to sleep alll day.I try and wake up(when I nap)I fight it.But then get this,my eyes start rolling up(into my head)I fight to stay awake.But I really don't know what's going on.Ok here is the report from lab. Do you know if maybe my red... (8 replies)
... It does not sound like exercise intolerance if you are running any miles at all. Exercise intolerance is usually considered when you are unable to walk a single flight of stairs at a normal pace without losing your breath or balance. At this point there is no numerical indication of anemia by the results you gave except fo the hemoglobin which may be an indication of good... (1 replies)
... I had blood drawn in September due to recurring migraines. In addition to the migraines, I am often very tired, get heart palpitations, and have exercise intolerance (which I usually try to push through and run 15-20 miles/week). My relevant values were as follows: RBC - 4.17 HGB - 11.7 HCT - 35.4 MCH - 28.1 MCHC - 33.1 RDW - 18.8 Even though most of these values are... (1 replies)
Ferritin levels
Dec 29, 2004
... Iron pills did not help at all. My last lab work showed HGB at 9.8 and HCT at 31. I guess I will have "annual" blood transfusion some time next year. It is frustrating, but I know it could be worse. ... (6 replies)
... I just finished my 4th round of Rituxan. I am having another blood test done on Monday and also a titer to see if the Rituxan has worked. My HGB stayed between 7 and 8 for most of the year until.....I quit my birthcontrol pills....within 2 weeks, I jumped to 10, and I have been climbing since. ... (13 replies)
Oct 17, 2003
... should be next. I did make some blood in the beginning, but I don't seem to be making much now. I am wondering if things slow down gradually. I was down to a hgb of 8 last winter two months before my bleeding started. I had gotten to 12, maybe higher, when I had my first epeisode of excessive bleeding. ... (33 replies)

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