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... I'm new here too; not knowing any other health issues you may have, your age etc., it's difficult to help you out to a extent. I will say having your Iron stores or Feeritin levels that low, is not going to help you raise your hemoglobin what so ever at all! You are anemic definitely for whatever reasons that are applicable; you Must get your iron levels in the normal range... (4 replies)
... Hi all ~ I've posted a couple questions recently about symptoms related to anemia; however, I did not have my full CBC results until today and some of the things on it confuse me a little. I was wondering if anyone could help me understand them a little better. The results were: Hgb 9.6 (L, but not as bad as I originally thought) Hematocrit 31.5 (L) MCV 75 (L) MCH... (0 replies)
... It should be between 12 and 15. The lower it goes, the worse you feel. I'm at an 8.4 and just making the bed in the morning is aerobic work out for me. My HGB fell pretty rapidly so my body has not adjusted to it yet, but even so once it does I'll still feel tired, just won't get out of breath quite so easily. ... (10 replies)

... ironically my HGB was 12.8 and HCT 38. ... (4 replies)
... hen possible. I ended up in the ER from the Ferris Sulfate it did a real number on me. So I say no to OTC iron in small doses if you are at a 5 ferritin. Your Hgb is not too, too, bad but no anemia is good no matter what. ... (20 replies)
... ormal thing. When I was anemic and as my lab reflected it was a long, long process getting to that point, my RBC's were consistently normal values. However, my Hgb was 8.5 and my ferritin a 2, so I would say it is normal. That has been my personal experience. ... (12 replies)
... Your ferritin is a great plus, many people can't do this. Now, you are still borderline anemic that just doesn't make sense. With a ferritin of over 100 your Hgb should also be responding and be around a 13. ... (8 replies)
... My husband had 62 years old had total knee surgery 9 days ago .He had 3 units of blood and is taking iron pills.His hgb did come up to 10 Now 9 days later his Hgb is 7.8 and they are giving him 2 unites.Why does is it still going down? ... (0 replies)
... I was just wondering. The liver powder says only 0.6mg of iron per Tablespoon. I notice most supplements say 28mg iron per tablet. And you are saying that you didn't need a supplement with this; that you just used the powder once a day? I also have immunological problems and low iron and want to take the best supplement for me. Thank you, Amaeta (5 replies)
Confused on labs
Dec 2, 2009
... Hello! I have never posted before so please excuse me if I make any errors. I found this site last night and learned much thanks to the posters. I had some blood work back in June that turned up the following: HGB 11.4 (12-16) HCT 34.5 (37-47) MCV 73.6 (81-?) MCH 24.2 (27-?) (I didn't get the full range over the phone on the last two or the RDW.) Yesterday I had... (0 replies)
... ows on you and you can take it with something like tomato juice or chicken broth to help with the taste. When I started taking it the frist week of September my Hgb had been dipping into the 6s but was usually in the 7 range. ... (5 replies)
... Next thing, it sounds like your Hgb reading that is at an 8.0 and increased to 12. ... (3 replies)
... You are considered to be Moderately anemic with a Hgb of 8.4 according to my ranges. A ferritin of 1. ... (3 replies)
... Yeah, well there's the 64 million dollar question. Why am I anemic? I first discovered I was anemic in Feb. of 2007 in the ER after a ruptured ovarian cyst - the rupture had nothing to do with the low hgb/hct (hgb was 8.3), it was a fortuititous find. No ideas why, did all the GI work up, even capsule endo and nothing. Have battled this with Hemax (iron supplement) for the two... (7 replies)
... I have only been taking one Fe Sulfate a day for a month and 1- 50K unit softgel of Vit D two times. Doc only ordered H & H, Ferritin and Vit D labs. March 11: HGB - 8.2 Hematocrit - 30.6 Ferritin - 3 Vitamin D - 6 (5 replies)
... Not sure about ferritin levels and ferritin level is 8 and HGB is 15.2 but I've been told my iron level is close to 2X what it should be so I've been taken off iron for 2 weeks and will go for more blood work. ... (2 replies)
New Test Results
Mar 19, 2009
... I had a Hgb. of 6.5 and I opt for iron infusion. I had what they called 3 hour one. They were running the test on 8 min infusion. They both used the same iron. ... (8 replies)
... Fine with an HGB of 4!!! My HGB was found to be 6.8 few weeks ago, and I had to be transfused 4 units. ... (12 replies)
Ferritin level
Mar 12, 2009
... been taking iron and I guess that you have been taking 65 mgs x 3 when you were taking iron. I don't understand how you got these high numbers and only have an 8 ferritin. Also, you said that you have PICA too and that usually goes away shortly after the iron goes into the system. ... (3 replies)
... According to my chart a 9.1 Hgb is considered moderately anemic, just to let you know. I was 8. ... (3 replies)

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