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I can totally relate with your situation. I've gone through 4 months of being worn down with medical issues (asthma, breathing/chronic cough, reflux irritating my lungs). In my process of seeking answers for those issues, I found out I had some severe anemia. I've been struggling to keep up at work for many months. I'm in a managerial position where I have to constantly multitask. I found myself having trouble focusing and falling behind in the multitasking and letting things slip. I thought for the longest time I was just worn down due to the other health problems. The anemia took me by surprise. It makes sense though now that I look back. I just haven't been at my "normal" for a long time and it had been over a year since my previous labwork checking for the iron. Now I'm trying to figure out why the anemia. In the meantime, I finally decided to take some medical leave time off work to let my body rest and heal. I hope it works.

How large is the company you work for? If it meets the correct criteria, you may qualify to take some FMLA (Family Medical Leave Act) time off in a block or intermittently with up your job basically protected.

As for telling others, it really does seem to be all up to the environment you work in. With the HIPPA laws you don't need to say anything. I used to tell more than I do now, but I think people just don't understand the impact of conditions a lot of the time so I'm more careful about who and how much I tell. It seems like when things are chronic people are less inclined to really care. That said, if you have friends at work, they may be a good support for you. If necessary, are there any accommodations your boss can make for you to help you out? Kind of hard with what you are dealing with though. I'm new to the anemia so I haven't figured out exactly how to respond with it fully yet either. Other people's reactions really vary anymore. I think with the economy the way it is, everyone seems more and more nervous on the job front. I know that although I've been in my position for a long time, nothing is secure and being worn down so much I can't perform at a higher level really makes me nervous as well.

BTW, I've dealt with chronic sinusitis and lung issues for years. If can make you really miserable for a long period of time. I hope you have a good treatment plan in place. In addition to addressing the allergy related issues, I also found out I had "silent" reflux where acid was making its way all the way up to my sinuses and aggrevating things. The acid also aggrevates my lungs causing some of my issues there as well. Might be something worth considering.

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