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I have been anemic my entire life as far as I know. I do not have regular periods. They are approx. every 4 months and a week long~sometimes heavy. However, I have always been anemic with bloodwork "slightly" out of whack. My doctors over the past few years have done lots of blood work...thought it was iron deficient. Treat it with iron, found out B12 deficient, now shots 2xmonth-self inject, take multi-vit with iron, extra b12 orally, extra folic acid, vit d rx 2 times a week plus extra otc vit d and calcium. Latest blood work showed hemoglobin at 10.2, but normal iron stores. Everything else was low. Nothing WAY low, but definitely low. Low basophils (.10), low rbc (4.09), low hemoglobin 10.2), low hematocrit (35.1), normal MCV of 86, low MCH (26.8) , low MCHC (31.3), normal RDW and normal platelet (357). Ferritin levels were normal along with B12 of 408 and Vit. D of 38.3.

New Doc wants to remove me from Vit. D because it is now normal, go to oral B12, increase iron and refer to hematologist. I am worried about the hematologist appt. next week and don't know quite what to expect. Past history of normal colonoscopy, normal hemocults, normal swallowing xray. Only bleeding was mild hemoroids on the colonoscopy. Wondering what the hematologist is going to want to do or blame this on. Not thinking that 50,000 iu of Vit. D twice a week with level of 38.3 needs removal of vit d., neither does B12 shots need to be quit. Doc thinks they were started because of anemai. Acually started because b12 was low and no amount of oral b12 was brining it up. How to you get it through these docs head. Don't want to start over and get the pain from B12 and D deficiences again. What else could be the cause of anemia?

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