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[SIZE="4"]I am learning a lot from others here but I have some questions and some of the same problems. First off the ICE thing has been going on for years now and I also am particular on what type. Has to be softer so I don't kill my fillings. I did get into the carrots already shaved but nothing beats ice. My guess is minerals are in water so you are trying to get the iron. If you have the older galvanized pipes I guess you might get some of the iron that peals off of them. Gross. I go thru an ten ponder Redi ice every two days and insist that I always have my ice with me. adding water or something helps to soften.
I have a fibroid tumor and have had heavy menses for years. Not to be gross I bled thru a super plus tampon in five minutes. Useless almost need a diaper it gets so bad. Sorry guys don't mean to gross you out.
I had blood work done figuring I was due for a blood transfusion and I really cannot figure how much blood I need ...I had two pints so I could have surgery but could have used three a while back. I so my DR and it wasn't the usual DOC so this other one had me all upset and crying..I had complained about a very achy calf and how it burned when I stood on it. He said my beats were good, slightly edemic but after reading my results figured my body was starving for blood/oxygen.
I will post my results and am wondering if anyone could tell me how much blood I may need..Seeing this doc had me freaked over it.
Before I do I read one thread and the poster mentioned that since we are more of gradual losers we adapt better versus the gun shot or stabbing where its quickly and that makes sense since I feel okay for the most part.white blood cell 7.8 red blood cell 3,86 Hemoblobin 8.L hematocrit 26.7L MCV 69.3L MCH 20.9L MCHC30.1L...RDW?18.7L... Platelet count 304 ABsolute neutrophils 5561... Abs. lymphocytes 1849 .Abso. monocytes 296.. Abso eosinophils 39 Abso. basaphils 55 ...neutrophils71.3% lymphocytes 23.7% monocytes 3.8% eosinophils 0.5% basophils0.7% comment Ovalocytes 2 + tear drop cells 1 +.................also what does the ovalcytes and tear drops mean? also can anyone tell me what I should be on vitamin wise? Plus I do wish to know if anyone could tell me how many pints I could use. Hope any of this info in this thread can help the next one out. thank you for your help sorry so long...By the way I also suffer from a bunch of back problems and thought my leg issue could be a nerve problem..I also take pain meds for my back and realize it may be snatching my vitamins. I also weigh 156 pounds andam 5 .6 large boned well proportioned:p[/SIZE]

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