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Re: Anemia Insomnia
Jan 21, 2011
wow I didn't know anyone had replied to my post! I wish you all weren't dealing with this but it's nice to know I'm not alone.

An update, my sleep was gradually getting better and I was beginning to not feel so whipped until I went away for 2 weeks after Christmas to visit my fiance's family.

I came home and immediately started a very heavy period and for the past week I haven't been sleeping again. I have pounding headaches everyday and very bad heart palpitations. I'm eating iron foods by the loads and still am taking my iron supps like I have been for the past months. But it's not helping. Last night I maybe got 4 hours of sleep. Maybe. And I have a looong, busy day ahead. To top it off my hairdresser made a comment along the lines of 'my goodness, your hair is so thin!'. Makes me just want to cry :(

Btw, I am taking a herbal iron supp with other vitamins/minerals in it. It is 45mg. When I get my period I have been taking my doc prescribed one of 150mg. I alternate the days with that one because it causes MAJOR constipation, something I already struggle with because of IBS.

I really believe with iron deficiency that our hormones are crazy out of whack. I have weird, eczema type acne by my mouth that never goes away and I've heard this type is caused by messed hormones. I have heard good and bad things about progesterone cream so I haven't tried it yet. Cal/Mg is good for hormones ? Hmmm...

regnissie- your ferritin levels are low. So are mine. Hair cannot re-grow until it hits 70 for 3 months.:confused:

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