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Re: Anemia Insomnia
Jan 25, 2011
I have always had problems sleeping, but 2 months ago I was diagnosed with autoimmune anemia. Over the years I've tried a lot of different methods to try and get some sleep, which have worked to varying degrees. Methods I'm using right now are: abstaining from caffeine, having a regular bedtime, getting exercise (moderate), eyemask, earplugs, and taking a 50mg tablet of benadryl about an hour before bed. If I wake up in the early morning usually I go downstairs and sit in a comfy chair and I'll drift off into a good sleep. I've tried taking melatonin and I found that for [I]me[/I] it didn't work as well as the benadryl. I have an intolerance to cow's milk, but I find even drinking a glass of warm goat milk or eating a banana(which are also high in tryptophan) doesn't really help me drift off.

Using the methods I described above has given me some nights of lovely sleep, not consistently, but it's better than nothing. On days when my palpitations are bad, or my RA is agonizingly painful(like it has been the last few days) nothing I do helps me sleep.

I don't know if that helps you, but I hope it might help someone!

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