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My B12 has been running between 450 and 500. Normals for the test here are 193-962. My tests also show my Vitamin D is low. 23 is my result. Norms 32-100. Also, iron level 42, normals 50-170. However, one of the drs I work with said since my labs were drawn so early (when I got off work at 3am) that the iron level is probably actually inside the normal parameters. Something about iron levels fluctuating throughout the day, optimal blood levels occur between sun up and noon. Never heard of that before. Haven't actually had my follow up to discuss these other labs with MY md yet. He just had his nurse call the meds in for the B12 when the EBV came back positive. Based on some things I have read on other boards I have started supplementing my vitamin D with some OTC D3. Started taking 10,000 units a day (only been doing this for 2 days now, so I don't really feel anything there yet either). I have been so tired like this for way too long. Honestly, going on close to four years now. I try to find things to justify it.....I work full-time, mom of two very active boys, always running for sporting events etc. ....Ended up with a partial thyroidectomy d/t nodules (April 2010)- which I hoped would "fix" my exhaustion, no thyroid replacement required yet, then changed to a less stressful job but now my job has me on night shift....and I have started back to school this fall.... but other people have busy lives and I don't see them barely existing. Nothing makes a difference. Sleep or no sleep, feels the same. Even if I do sleep, I drag out of bed, no matter how long I have slept, and then within a few hours, I am beat. I literally push myself through the day every day. I just need something to work.

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