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Went to docs on Monday she said labs are very tight on testing for b12 and said they won't test unless I'm symptomatic!!!!! Emm who is charge the doc or the lab here? She said she will test my thyroid as there is a family history of thyroid problems. Said my low ferritin will def make me feel unwell - hurray a doc who recognises this!!!!! My latest test came back at 19 so it's improved from 7 in about 4 months so I am responding so that's positive. She also recommended a light box!!!!! Luckily I know someone who can lend me one.

Have been taking a sublingual b12 (methylcobalmin) for a week now - 5000mg - and letting it dissolve between my upper lip and gum for over an hour and I have to say that I woke up today feeling better - as soon as I woke up I just knew I was just that bit more - I don't know - normal. Have been taking vit d last couple of days so who knows? It looks like if I want b12 tested then I will have to pay private but nit sure if worth it now I have been taking sublinguals. The good thing I suppose is I have a doctor who doesn't think 25 is an acceptable level - she wrote on the latest ferritin result 'patient MUST continue iron' so that is a small victory at least

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