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Hi there I am a 'newbie' in that I havent posted before but have followed a LOT of posts on this board - especially fflowergirl!!

Anyhow will try to keep this quick I have had health probs for YEARS and have been diagnosed with all sort of things from anxiety and depression to CFS. Finally after years of just accepting that sometimes I have to take it easy I had a ferritin test that showed my level was 7. Hmmm isnt that interesting?? Was told this would NOT have any affect (sound familiar?:confused:) but to take iron to build it up to 25. So for about a year I kind of mucked about thinking well if this isnt important why should I bother? My haemoglobin was about 11.6 at this point. But finally after reading so many posts on here I have realised this is very important and could make me feel unwell.

So have been taking ferrous fumerate 200mg x 3 a day for about 3 months and have just gotten blood drawn today to see how well it is going. I found out that on my last tests in June when my ferritin was up to a massive 8 that my MCV is 87. Now I thought that this would have been smaller if i was iron deficient?? Is it possible I could be B12 deficient and that has 'evened' out my blood size??? I dont feel any better after 3 solid months of iron - if anything I feel worse. I have 2 young children (both born very prem as well as a miscarriage inbetween) and yes I know this is tiring but I literally am unable to do anything I could do this time last year when I wasnt taking iron i.e go for a run or go to exercise classes. I am working 3 days a week full time I suppose but am trying to get to bed before 10 every night and must get at least 8 hours of sleep every night. I was unable to get any other results as I would have to pay 5 for them and I have no cash on me.

I have never bought the cfs diagnosis that I had when I was 16 - in fact after looking at a book about anxiety I realise a lot the symptoms that really worried me i.e depersonalisation derealisation are a symptom of anxiety and I started to feel like this after having severe panic attacks out of no-where and then after that I became very fatiguedas I stopped eating and stayed in bed hoping I could sleep the unreal feeling off etc and I can see now as a 33 year old that the anxiety came first and I was petrified of the 'unreal' feelings I thought I was going craxy!

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I do get sore muscles in the morning and tingly feelings in my limbs - all anaemia symptoms but low b12 and anxiety symtpoms too!!!

Interestingly my oldest son has a sacral dimple.

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