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Hi there I am a 'newbie' in that I havent posted before but have followed a LOT of posts on this board - especially fflowergirl!!

Anyhow will try to keep this quick I have had health probs for YEARS and have been diagnosed with all sort of things from anxiety and depression to CFS. Finally after years of just accepting that sometimes I have to take it easy I had a ferritin test that showed my level was 7. Hmmm isnt that interesting?? Was told this would NOT have any affect (sound familiar?:confused:) but to take iron to build it up to 25. So for about a year I kind of mucked about thinking well if this isnt important why should I bother? My haemoglobin was about 11.6 at this point. But finally after reading so many posts on here I have realised this is very important and could make me feel unwell.

So have been taking ferrous fumerate 200mg x 3 a day for about 3 months and have just gotten blood drawn today to see how well it is going. I found out that on my last tests in June when my ferritin was up to a massive 8 that my MCV is 87. Now I thought that this would have been smaller if i was iron deficient?? Is it possible I could be B12 deficient and that has 'evened' out my blood size??? I dont feel any better after 3 solid months of iron - if anything I feel worse. I have 2 young children (both born very prem as well as a miscarriage inbetween) and yes I know this is tiring but I literally am unable to do anything I could do this time last year when I wasnt taking iron i.e go for a run or go to exercise classes. I am working 3 days a week full time I suppose but am trying to get to bed before 10 every night and must get at least 8 hours of sleep every night. I was unable to get any other results as I would have to pay 5 for them and I have no cash on me.

I have never bought the cfs diagnosis that I had when I was 16 - in fact after looking at a book about anxiety I realise a lot the symptoms that really worried me i.e depersonalisation derealisation are a symptom of anxiety and I started to feel like this after having severe panic attacks out of no-where and then after that I became very fatiguedas I stopped eating and stayed in bed hoping I could sleep the unreal feeling off etc and I can see now as a 33 year old that the anxiety came first and I was petrified of the 'unreal' feelings I thought I was going craxy!

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I do get sore muscles in the morning and tingly feelings in my limbs - all anaemia symptoms but low b12 and anxiety symtpoms too!!!

Interestingly my oldest son has a sacral dimple.
Went to docs on Monday she said labs are very tight on testing for b12 and said they won't test unless I'm symptomatic!!!!! Emm who is charge the doc or the lab here? She said she will test my thyroid as there is a family history of thyroid problems. Said my low ferritin will def make me feel unwell - hurray a doc who recognises this!!!!! My latest test came back at 19 so it's improved from 7 in about 4 months so I am responding so that's positive. She also recommended a light box!!!!! Luckily I know someone who can lend me one.

Have been taking a sublingual b12 (methylcobalmin) for a week now - 5000mg - and letting it dissolve between my upper lip and gum for over an hour and I have to say that I woke up today feeling better - as soon as I woke up I just knew I was just that bit more - I don't know - normal. Have been taking vit d last couple of days so who knows? It looks like if I want b12 tested then I will have to pay private but nit sure if worth it now I have been taking sublinguals. The good thing I suppose is I have a doctor who doesn't think 25 is an acceptable level - she wrote on the latest ferritin result 'patient MUST continue iron' so that is a small victory at least
[QUOTE=jonnstar;4627074]It is possible to have low ferretin and have everything else appear normal, and still feel like a sack of you know what.

For the vitamin C to work, you need to take it at the same time as your iron only need about 250mg to boost iron uptake, so maybe you could break your vitamin c in half and take half a tab with each dose of iron?

A daily multi like Centrum would perhaps be a good idea, to help provide all the other bits and peices the body needs every day.

Have you started on the sublingual B12 yet? Although your B12 appears in the normal range, you dont have anything to lose by getting it to the higher end of the normal range, and if nothing else it will give you peice of mind.

If your ferretin is still very low after all this time on iron tablets, it might be time to discuss injectable iron with your doctor - this bypasses the guy and gets the iron straight into your blood stream. It can be a bit inconvenient, and can have a few side effects, but it is almost guaranteed to work.[/QUOTE]

Great advice re vit C tablet. I have been taking vit C every day but just the whole thing with my 1st iron tablet in the morning - I will break it into 3rds and take one with every tablet - god knows the Vit C is a big mutha!!!:D

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