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Well, I dont think low ferretin is an indicator of B12 deficiency, BUT, B12 supplements are generaly considered pretty safe, so if you want to try one for a few months and see what happens, there isnt much harm in that. The sublingual ones are best, range 2000 to 5000mcg per day are pretty typical doseages.

You can help boost the adsorbsion of your iron by taking a vitamin c tablet with each dose, this increases iron uptake by the body.

If your body isnt getting benifit from oral iron, maybe you need injectable iron? Somthing to discuss with your doctor. Given your concerns, i would ask to have your b12 levels tested as well, and make sure you tell your doc about any supplements you're taking.
[QUOTE=jonnstar;4627074]It is possible to have low ferretin and have everything else appear normal, and still feel like a sack of you know what.

For the vitamin C to work, you need to take it at the same time as your iron only need about 250mg to boost iron uptake, so maybe you could break your vitamin c in half and take half a tab with each dose of iron?

A daily multi like Centrum would perhaps be a good idea, to help provide all the other bits and peices the body needs every day.

Have you started on the sublingual B12 yet? Although your B12 appears in the normal range, you dont have anything to lose by getting it to the higher end of the normal range, and if nothing else it will give you peice of mind.

If your ferretin is still very low after all this time on iron tablets, it might be time to discuss injectable iron with your doctor - this bypasses the guy and gets the iron straight into your blood stream. It can be a bit inconvenient, and can have a few side effects, but it is almost guaranteed to work.[/QUOTE]

Great advice re vit C tablet. I have been taking vit C every day but just the whole thing with my 1st iron tablet in the morning - I will break it into 3rds and take one with every tablet - god knows the Vit C is a big mutha!!!:D

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