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I have gone years not feeling well, sleep deprived, sore muscles, painful joints, tingling and numbness in feet and hands, and most recently burning.
This past summer, I've gone to a rheumatologist, three neurologists, and infectious disease Dr. an endocrinologist and of course my Primary Physician.
I've had MRI's cat-scans, and nerve testing. I've also had a ton of bloodwork.
Of course everything comes back normal. Drs. were leaning towards a diagnosis of MS, since I had a lot of White matter in my brain. I did a lot of reading on MS, and kept coming across discussions on B12 deficiency. I called my primary and asked to be tested for B12 (normal blood tests don't screen for B12) my test came back low. She followed that up with a test on my instrinsic factor. Turns out I have antiboties to intrinsic factor making me low in B12 (intrinsic factor is in our stomach and pulls B12 out of your food)

So, last Friday I had a Spinal Tap, to rule out other things.
I got the results yesterday, no MS, no Lyme, no Cancer. I have probably had pernicious anemia for decades. It caused all my fatigue, muscle pain, numbness and tingling, etc.
I am on B12 injections, and will probably be on them for life. Already many of my symptoms are disappearing. Amazing my Drs. never checked my B12, my current neurologist and my primary, kept appologizing.

Without B12, your nerves can not function....and eventually your organs shut down if not corrected. That is why it is called pernicious anemia, because years ago people died from it. It takes a long time to build your B12 back up.

I hope you get your B12, Folate, Instrinsic factor and Vitamin D checked!


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