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Here's my story.

I had gastric bypass back in 2004. I have been doing fine until this last year. Kept on feeling exhausted. Everytime I was at my former primary care docotr he would say it was the flu, or something else. Well about two weeks ago I swallowed my permanment crown. I felt like it was stuck in my throat so a co-worker took me to the ER. When I walked in the triage nurse said, you look pale, have them check your blood. Well when I finally saw the ER doc after he had my blood drawn and and xray, he said, "the crown will pass on it's own, it's not stuck, but we are keeping you here and giving you a blood transfusion. Your Blood level is at a 6." I ended up getting two units of blood, and was told to follow up the next day with my primary care doctor.

That doctor wasn't available so I saw someone else. She ran my blood that day and said it was up to an 8. They wanted me to take iron, and eat lots of iron rich foods. They also gave me and iron shot. They decided to test me weekly to see if it was going up or if I needed to be referred to a hemotologist.

My other levels were:

Ferritin: 1.6 ( I know this is extremely low!)
Iron: 14
Iron Sat: 3
Reticulocyte count 2.7

In the last two weeks I have had an pelvic ultrasound. The results of that being I had a small fybroid, but they don't think that is the cause of blood loss. I have had heavy periods so I am going on BCP's.

However, my blood level has gone to 8.1 and stayed there. I finally got a new primary care doctor this week, that realized what I had was not normal, and immediately put in a referral to a hematologist, which I will see next Tuesday. The hematologist has already reviewed my blood work and says most likely on Tuesday I will be getting IV iron, as my body is not absorbing any iron I take in whatsoever.

My question is what should I expect with the IV iron, are there side effects? How long does it take to get?

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