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Hi there get your ferritin levels checked. I had 'normal' CBC for years when they checked ferritin last year it was a 7. Which apparently means non-existent! Most on here agree that a healthy ferritin is at least in the 70's with some aiming for the 100 mark. Some lab ranges will give you a normal level as being anywhere between 10 and 230!!!!! Insane. Have this checked and see how you go. What johnstar has recommended would be the correct treatment if levels are low. It can take a looonnnggg time to build levels back up as it takes a long time to deplete them. Low ferritin can make you feel really quite unwell - some people aren't affected but most are. I reckon I have been operating on low ferritin levels for probably 10+ years and am only now addressing it.

Let us know how you get on.

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