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Only one way to find out, and thats supplement with iron for a while and see what happens.

The 18mg in your multivitamin isnt enough - you need to get some iron tablets containing around 65mg of iron...... take one each day with a glass of orange juice (the vitamin c helps boost the bodys use of iron)

Keep taking your multi for all the other nutrients it contains as well as the iron.

If you feel better on iron, then keep taking it for around 6 months, to rebuild your bodys stores, then keep taking your multi with iron long term to keep from becoming deficient again. If you dont feel better, then stop the iron and look for another cause.

Of course, all of this should be under your doctors supervision.

Did they test your thyroid and B12 levels when they tested you for iron?
[QUOTE=jonnstar;4633956]Only one way to find out, and thats supplement with iron for a while and see what happens.[/quote]

So has anyone here gotten iron deficiency symptoms when they're just slightly over the lower limit of normal on the CBC?

So there are tests that specifically determine what one's iron reserves are, I guess? The CBC doesn't really do that, from what I've read, becoming anemic is a later stage in iron deficiency.

[quote]The 18mg in your multivitamin isnt enough - you need to get some iron tablets containing around 65mg of iron...... [/quote]

Thanks, that's the sort of thing I need to know. The iron in a multimineral might not be all that well absorbed, since it's competing with all the other minerals in there, like the calcium.

I've felt chronically muzzy, vaguely it's "in my head", a foggy bleary feeling, like I might have sinus inflammation. I got a limited sinus CT scan a few years ago when it first started and that was normal - so I don't have a chronic infection in there. I had an MRI of my head, that was normal. Brain tumors can cause changes in consciousness.

It makes sense that it could be a nutrient deficiency. I have an unusual diet, because of a lot of food sensitivities. One doctor suggested zinc or B6 deficiency. Apparently zinc deficiency causes inflammation and messes up the immune system. But I've been taking 30 mg zinc for about 5 weeks, and extra B6 for about 10 days, and that hasn't helped.

Yes, I have Hashimoto's (autoimmune hypothyroidism). I spent about a year hoping that normalizing my thyroid levels would make the muzziness go away, but it didn't. I've actually been hyperthyroid - overmedicated - and I was still muzzy. It's possible I'm not absorbing nutrients very well, I probably have celiac disease and maybe I'm still malabsorbing even though I've been gluten-free for years.

Any thoughts about other possibilities to investigate are welcome. It could be many things, iron or some other mineral deficiency is only one possibility. I got my B12 level tested and it was normal, but B12 blood levels may be unreliable so I might get more detailed tests for B12 deficiency.

Given what you'vee said, this is what I'd do if i was you (not that I am sugesting you do it, thats a decion entirely for you)

Get a high potency multi, like Twinlab Daily One, this should cover any maladsorbsion problems caused by celiacs

Get some 65mg iron tablets, and start taking one in the morning with a glass of OJ

Get some sublingual vitamin B12 (2000 - 5000mcg) and take one every day.

Give it 3 months, of you feel better, keep on that regimen, if not, stop and look for another cause.

Keep your doctor informed about what you're taking/doing etc.

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