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Ive not had a menstrual cycle for 7 months now due to an endometriosis treatment. In the past my iron has been blamed on heavy periods but Im starting to think -- it must be something else.

Ive had a colonoscopy and one polyp removed. Endoscopy showed some inflammation in my small intestine but my celiac tests came back normal. Im scheduled for a pillcam soon and just finished my first infed iron infusion (yuk).

Here are the results of my CBC.

Iron 19 (37-170)
% Iron Saturation 5 (11-56)
Ferritin 5.45 (6.24-137)
Folic Acid 3.4
B12 290 (200-1100)
RBC 4.86 (4.04-5.48)
HGB 9.7 (12.2-15.2)
HCT 31.2 (37.7-47.9)
MCV 64 (80-97)
MCH 20 (27-31.2)
MCHC 31.1 (31.8-35.4)
Platelets 353 (142-424)
MPV 8.3 (7.4-10.4)

I think its more than just iron deficiency. Waiting to return to my hemotologist after a few weeks.

Any thoughts on what the heck is going on?:(

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