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Hi all

I was dx with Iron Def anemia back in July. I was dx by a hematologist. I was feeling fine. I had no symptoms of iron def. Yet, back in July my ferritin was at an 8, my hemoglobin was low, hematocrit was low, RDW-CV was high, sat rate was low, TIBC was high. Serum iron was fine at 65.

I still get monthly periods. I am 43 and my periods are now closer together and last longer. Semi-heavy for 2 days.

He suggested at that time to do an IV Infusion. I knew nothing about it, so I agreed. BAD IDEA. The first one made me so, so sick, I thought I was dying. The second one they premedicated me, gave me a larger bag, and as soon as I stood up and walked down the hall of the hospital to leave, I passed out cold from hypotension. OMG I was so scared.

So after those two IV infusions, my ferritin jumped from 8-52. The rest of my numbers were still not up there in the normal range. Better but not normal.

So I asked if I could try iron pills, after that whole fiasco of the IV Iron, and he put me on Vitron-C. 2 pills a day. Each has 65mg of elemental iron. I also took two tbsp of blackstrap molasses a day, plus 20ml of Floradix liquid iron with herbs. It has 10mg of elemental iron.

So I started the iron regime in September.

I recently had bloodwork done, and all of my levels are now normal. EXCEPT my ferritin which dropped from 52 to 22. Even though still in the normal range, it still dropped.

My serum iron is good at 77, HGB at 12.9, HCT at 38.7, RDW-CV is 13.7, all diif's are fine, RBC is 4.50, TIBC now 373(up from 333 though), sat rate is 21%. MCV/MCH/MCHC all normal.

My heme Dr is IV Iron happy. I am so scared to have that done again after the last time.

My B12 is normal, thyroid normal, Intrinsic factor normal, folic acid normal.

Is it normal for a ferritin to drop so low so quickly since Sept 15th, with the supplementation I am on?

GI had sigmoid done, have internal/external hemorrhoids.

Cannot take the BCP. I am a smoker.

I have heard it takes a long time for the ferritin to get low, but if that is true, it only took about 3 months for it to drop so much.

I really do NOT want another IV Infusion. I am not symptomatic. Never have been. I have plenty of energy, not short of breath. I actually took dance class and performed in a recital with my ferritin levels at an 8.

So does this mean I am only iron deficient now, and not anemic?

What would you do? Get the iron infusion and chance it? Or continue on with the supplements, and maybe up the dose?

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