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Re: Low Ferritin
Dec 8, 2010
[QUOTE=kw123;4638036]Just had bloodwork done for anxiety,fatigue,exhaustion,achey body, cold hands and feet, hair falling out etc.......Ferritin 11 on scale 13-150. Dr. did not suggest to treat. I feel horrible. Can this be due to loe ferritin? the other iron bloodwork is in normal range.Can low ferritin give u theses terrible symptoms?????[/QUOTE]

Hi Kw123!

It's really hard to say many physicians say that there are no symptoms for a low ferritin. If you do a search you can see for yourself that there are many symptoms listed. I myself had PICA a need to eat ice and my hair was fallingout pretty bad. That is about all the symptoms that I experienced and my Ferritin was a 2 when diagnosed. I believe that it is also related to fatigue. These however are the same symptoms of thyroid so you may want to have that checked out if you havent done so already. So yes low levels (in both thyroid and iron) can cause the symptoms that you have listed.

Take care. FLFG :)

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